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n & Out Electricals has been providing expert electrical services to homeowners and businesses in Burlingame for more than 12 years. Our highly experienced, certified electricians are committed to meeting your electrical needs, whether it’s in your home or workplace.

Despite the competition in Burlingame, we maintain a customer-centric approach that has earned us a great reputation throughout the region. Our top priority is to provide honest, quality work at fair prices, and our customer reviews below speak to our track record of delivering outstanding service to the Bay Area.

We are dedicated to being the best Burlingame electrician and have a wealth of experience in the industry. We take pride in solving all of our client’s issues and ensuring their satisfaction. Our services are designed to handle even the most complex projects, and we strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your electrical needs.

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When our electrical contractors are your team, you know you can count on them arriving on time, having the expertise and equipment they need, and completely resolve your problem before leaving your property.

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Property owners may need to seek help from a certified electrician for various reasons.

While minor issues such as replacing a light bulb or fixing a broken switch can wait until the next routine maintenance service, problems like electrical burn smells, tripping breakers, frequent power surges, or malfunctioning outlets require immediate attention from a professional.

Although many homeowners enjoy tackling DIY projects, electrical work should only be performed by trained experts. Electricity is dangerous, and improper repairs or installations can put your property at risk. 

Hiring a licensed electrician ensures that your system is safe and reliable. Contact us today for excellent electrical services for your project or to solve any issues you might have.

Our highly trained Bay Area Electricians are certified to handle your electrical repairs.

We provide our customers with professional quality work at a fair price. We also offer a guarantee on our work.

Our trucks are fully stocked and available same day and year round to offer 24/7 service.

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In & Out Electric, services residents, commercial and industrial clients across the entire Bay Area. For a full list of our locations covered to make sure we can assist you please check out our Areas Served.

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